How are you different from other registries?

Express your personal style

Whilst we still offer the registry basics, we believe that there is more to creating a home together than simply nice linen and kitchenware. It’s about combining your personal style together to create a loving home-in every room .
That’s why we offer more homewares and furniture than any other registry. Rather than a choice of 20 cushions we offer over 80- with a focus on supporting up and coming Australian designers.
If art is more your passion then you’ll find that no other registry has over 200 affordable artworks. So to inspire you to create your personal style we offer the most unique collection of gifts-such as our vintage kanthas or tribal headdresses. And we enable you to express your personal style by having your registry presented to guests as a lookbook with inspirational style image so your guests won’t just feel like they are giving you a gift but that they are helping you create your dream home.

Are all gifts visible on your website?

No, without creating a registry and logging in you will only be able to see a limited range of products. Once you have created a registry you will have access to our full collection. 

Is it free to set up my registry?

Yes – setting up and holding a registry with us is completely free and does not cost the bride and groom anything. The only charges a bride and groom may incur is for deliveres outside the Sydney metropolitan area, for larger furniture items (a small extra delivery charge).

What charges do my guests incur?

All item prices are inclusive of GST. Guests pay an additional $11.95 Shipping, Handling and Administration fee which is also applicable for wishing well contributions. This fee is per transaction. If a guest purchases more then one item they will only be charged the fee once. This is on par with majority of other registries.

Is the website secure?

The Wedding Nest is totally secure. We use eWay payment gateway which is one of Australia’s leading online banking gateways. For detailed information go to eWay’s website http://www.eway.com.au/why-eway/security-and-fraud-prevention .

Do you do wishing wells or honeymoon registries?

Yes – they are customisable, really up to your imagination! Or you can simply select the predetermined monetary amounts as gifts to add to your registry. 


Is everything available to view in store?

No, we are like a homewares store that changes its stock regularly. While we have a lot of the registry basics in stock, we don’t have everything at a given point in time. 

Can you provide a guidance as to what the Total Value of my registry should be?

We recommend multiplying the number of guests x $80.

Some will spend mores, some less, some will shop elsewhere, however this means your guests will have ample selection to choose from (even the last minute purchases), yet minimises overwhelming your guests.

How do I let my guests know about my registry?

We have a convenient ‘Invite my Guests’ function once you have created your registry ,which will send your guests your registry link alongside an invitation to view your registry online. Alternatively, you can contact us for linen embossed cards which you can discreetly place alongside your invitations, or simply reference our website URL on your invitation copy, as guests only need your surname and wedding date to find your registry.

When are my gifts delivered?

We service Australia wide. Delivery is free for metropolitan Sydney. Delivery for other areas may incur charges of up to $300 for larger items such as furniture and mirrors. For interstate deliveries, when all items are in stock they will be delivered together 2-7 days once booked in. 

What if the gifts I receive don’t meet my expectations?

We understand that sometimes gifts you see online are different to what you imagined in real life, so if you are unhappy with any of your gifts let us know within 7 days and we would be happy to organise an exchange. Please note we are unable to exchange Mud items as they are custom made. 

I love something really expensive – can my friends contribute?

Yes – we break expensive items down into affordable gift size pieces of $80 - $230. These amounts are pre-determined and cannot be changed. We recommend putting the word out to family and bridesmaids to rally together a group to purchase larger items. This way guests can still feel ownership over the gift. 

Can I reshuffle my money at the end?

Yes you can! If you only got half a dinner set or would prefer to receive a painting over bedlinen you can reshuffle your money prior to your registry being finalised. We do allow couples to shuffle some gifts, but this is confirmed at the end of your registry and is at our discretion. 

How do one-off and one-of a kind gifts work?

For items such as kantha throws or vintage pieces we either get you to select the gift in advance and we reserve the exact piece for you or we work closely with you after your registry is finalised to source the piece you love.  

What does it mean if a gift is ‘wabisabi’?

Wabisabi means ‘its imperfection makes it beautiful’. A lot of our pieces have imperfections that form part of the gift. Examples include rips that have been stitched in vintage kantha throws, natural variations in weaves, or tong marks in handmade pottery. 

Why do I select favourite gifts?

‘Favourite Gifts’ let your guests know that which are your priority gifts. This means we order this gift in advance so it is less likely to be out of stock. In return, if gift is a selected by you as a favourite, you guarantee it will be bought. This means that even if it is not bought by a guest, you will either buy it yourself or reshuffle money from other gifts to get the favourite gifts. In return, 

If I’ve selected a gift for my registry is stock guaranteed?

We work with many boutique designers and homeware brands that change their items seasonally.

We anticipate that approximately 5-7% of your registry will be out of stock or on backorder at the time you finalise your registry. This is the same as our competitors, even the big department stores. We work closely with you to ensure that this is minimised by offering you to select your ‘favourite’ gifts which we order in advance and letting you know if a piece goes out of stock while it is still on your registry. 

If something is out of stock we will help you source a similar item that is just as lovely. 

How long can I keep my registry open for?

As long as you think your guests need it open for. 

Own gifts - I would love to add items to my registry that you don’t offer, can I do this?

We know there may be things you have your heart set on that we don’t offer. You can add up to 5 of your own gifts to your registry. Please get in contact with us directly for this to be arranged. We add 10% administration card to the gift which we retain. We then provide you with the money to purchase your gift yourself. 

I would love to have my house styled – can I get my guests to pay?

Styling sessions incur upfront fees however you can then add this to your wedding registry and have your money reimbursed. This service is currently only available for Sydney couples. 

What can I expect if I follow you on Facebook and Instagram?

It’s all about interior styling and beautiful pieces to style your home. Even when your wedding is over, or if you are a guest and weddings aren’t at all relevant you will love our posts to inspire your home. 

I love a piece on your site – can I buy it for myself?

 Yes! If there is something you love you can give us a call 0432331828 or email us at info@theweddingnest.com.au to purchase. 

Can I pay by direct debit?

Yes – just call us and we will provide you with the details and make sure your gift is reserved. 

I’ve purchased a gift for a wedding. When will the Bride & Groom receive my gift?

The lucky couple will be delivered their gifts at a convenient time decided by them following the wedding- usually within 4-6 weeks, however some gifts- espcially those made to order- might take up to a few months longer.Honeymoon and Wishing well fund monies are organised the following Monday of the couples Wedding.