Calling all linen lovers

And so to bed…

Did you know that the average person spends 25 years sleeping? That’s a lot of shut-eye. And a lot of time spent in bed. So, seeing as we’re there (a lot) we really should be giving some thought to what we’re cocooning our tired bodies with while catching those all important z’s. No, we’re not talking about who you choose to snuggle up with (although that is important), we are of course talking bed linen.

Not only can well chosen bedding transform a bedroom, add personality and create a look which could be the envy of any bed, it can also make going to bed really rather divine. A moment each day to truly savour. We all know that blissful feeling of climbing into a freshly made bed & snuggling in between fresh soft sheets for a good night’s sleep. Ahh, makes you sleepy just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

When it comes to the ultimate sleep experience, Melbourne brand Hale Mercantile Co. is one of our absolute favourites here at The Wedding Nest. With a passion for quality, their luxury linen range is grown, spun, dyed, woven and sewn in Europe and the end result is something quite special; relaxed textural 100% pure linen sheets and linen bedding co-ordinates so sumptuous you’ll find it hard to get out of bed!  Each product also comes in a range of beautiful soft colours, sure to make your bedroom beautiful.

And, don’t forget, linen will keep you cool and fresh in summer and warm and cosy in winter so it’s the perfect year-round bedding.

Statistics also say we spend 1.5 years of our lives in the bathroom. Eek, best get some linen in there too! The good news is that Hale Mercantile Co. have your back there too, with a range of beautiful plush waffle linen towels. Bliss.

Oh, one last thing. Not a fan of ironing? Fear not. Hale Mercantile Co. linens require no more than a simple warm machine wash and medium tumble dry. No ironing needed. Yay! All the more time to sleep…

Sweet dreams linen lovers.

To create your own linen haven, search “Hale Mercantile” here on The Wedding Nest to view the entire range and ask your Wedding Registry Consultant for details on colour-ways.

Bride to Be

As featured in the May-July 2015 edition of Bride to Be magazine (page 287). We're loving the look of the Kaz Morton Designer Cheese Plate and the Bonnie & Neil watercolour tea towel in orange - both available at The Wedding Nest.

Country Home Ideas

“I have definitely picked up loved pieces across my travels, however a lot of the pieces are actually sourced from my wedding registry business, The Wedding Nest,” Zoe reveals. Zoe's business specialises in beautiful furniture pieces, statement artwork, and boutique homewares.

Adore Home Magazine Paradise Edition

Zoe says her home and The Wedding Nest are an extension of her style. "My home reflects both my love of nature and the beach. I prefer neutral colours as they are calming and instead like to play with different tones, textures and textiles to create interest. Our gift range for the Wedding Nest also focuses on authentic, quality pieces."

Once Daily Chic

Like our style of 'business meeting', this registry isn't your conventional arrangement!
Although they do have the registry 'basics' {kitchenware & linen} the focus is on beautiful home wares, statement artwork & furniture.
To help guide your choices, the site is curated in 4 styles - French, Eclectic, Beach & Contemporary.

The Wedding Nest thrives on making it personal;
They love the couple to provide them with magazine pages, Pinterest boards etc & can help curate registry items based on your style.
There is even a styling service by Imogen Naylor, who will help you choose items & then style it once the goods arrive!

Once Daily Chic

Registries are laid out visually so your guests can see the 'look' they are helping to create.
This 'lookbook' style & reference images helps make the registry more personal & the gift giver not feel like
they are 'just giving a vase but contributing to the whole style of your home'.

Once Daily Chic

Some of their suppliers include; Penny Farthing Design House, Ahoy Trader, Bonnie & Neil, Mud Australia, Uashmama & Mateus Ceramics. But they also have one off items from exotic locations - think juju headdresses & cowrie shell necklaces.
If you are about to tie the knot get on over to The Wedding Nest & deck out that house of yours :)

Home Heaven

How to plan a perfect wedding registry

Combining practicality with how people get married now was an important factor for Zoe Dent and Jacqui Scruby who started a boutique wedding registry company, The Wedding Nest, filled with curated beautiful and unique pieces for the home, in 2012.
Getting the balance of a wedding registry right, says Zoe, is all about communication: “Through our consultation process we advise on the best mix of gifts (including traditional Le Creuset for the oldies, to affordable art for their friends to contribute to) and make sure there is a variety of price points."

Our Scandi Range

We love the feel of a "scandi" interior. Think pale wooden furniture, white and black surfaces and charcoal and brown tones all mixed together to create a simple yet relaxed and light filled interior. Even our shop window this week features some of our scandi range! To create your Nordic-inspired home, simply search our website using the term "scandi".

Melbourne Trade Fair

Style, inspiration and excitement sums up the interior design trade fairs in Melbourne this month. The TWN team made the trip to scout the best up and coming designers and gifts for our brides. The stunning locations created the perfect atmosphere for showcasing the designers unique sense of style, and we are looking forward to sharing this burst of inspiration across our new ranges. Here is a sneak peak of what is to come…