About Us

From an early age Katie knew interior design was her calling. Styling her bedroom and her parents lounge room as a young girl, she knew she was naturally drawn to this field. 

After completing her studies in Interior Design Katie took a role at Intermain where she worked for 8 years, becoming design manager. Katie helped expand Intermain into a thriving team and was pivotal in the success it saw during her time there. It was during this time that Katie met her wonderful partner and the Father of her little girl.

Following this, Katie also worked with EB Interiors - a high-end residential company. It was here that Katie's passion continued to flourish, creating beautifully detailed custom joinery and working with only the finest furniture and homewares.

Katie wanted to continue her passion for design and being highly motivated and incredibly passionate about her field, she craved a challenge. When the opportunity presented itself to own, run and operate The Wedding Nest, Katie knew this is an opportunity she could not resist.

Inspired by those who like to think outside the square, Katie is drawn to those who are unique to their own individual style. Many of her creations are inspired by nature and the world around us. With a current obsession for magazines, Katie is continually feeding her inspiration and passion. Helping people to create a beautiful home during one of the happiest times of their life attracted her to The Wedding Nest coupled with the fact that is allows her to meet so many different people, and adapt her own style and taste to so many differing personalities.

With a BA Visual Communications majoring in Interior Design and a Diploma in Multimedia majoring in Web design, a lover of animals, cooking, dining out and over 15 years of interior design experience, Katie adds a personal touch to a very unique experience. After all, your home is where the heart is. 

Have fun. Style your home.

Katie X

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