Styling Services

Beautiful houses don’t just happen. Houses featured in magazines are styled. Style your home with The Wedding Nest.

The Wedding Nest offer complimentary style consultations as we believe your wedding registry is the perfect time to create your personal style together. We offer a range of services to suit your budget and help you create a stylish home.

Whether its teaming artworks with bright contemporary bed linen, layering French linens from bedheads and chairs or selecting books, vases and coral pieces to style your coffee table we can turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

Service 1: Style your registry

Meet with one of our in house stylists in your home, over the phone or even by email. We will unlock your personal style and advise you on pieces to include on your registry that will achieve a styled home. This service includes a 45 min consultation & recommendation of pieces for inclusion on your registry, with advice on how they should be used. 


Service 2: Style your home

Once you have received all your wedding gifts, knowing how to bring everything together to create a style is equally as important as having the right pieces. Whether it’s rearranging the furniture in the room, collating height and interest with mixed pieces on a console, or knowing how to add colour without too much clash – a stylist sees it straight away.

This service includes a 1.5 hour in-home consultation with our stylist to assist you in arranging and displaying your items and follow up email with additional recommendations (if required). 

$500 (can be added as a gift to your registry)

Please note that our styling services are limited to Sydney Metropolitan only. Styling is furniture and homeware advice based only and does not include interior design consulting e.g. no advice on structural changes to the house, paint colours, carpet colours etc. For further information on our Interior Design services feel free to please contact us