Terms & Conditions

By using The Wedding Nest website, including setting up or buying from a registry, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions


We pride ourselves on our affordability as we want your whole nest styled, so we endeavour to price gifts at Recommended Retail Price. We do not however, guarantee prices and we reserve the right to change prices (including reducing them), even after they have been selected as part of your registry. 

Unique Gifts

Some of our gifts are unique, such as vintage kantha throws and chairs - each piece is different. If we don't have in stock the type of Kantha you love, we can work with you to find another - for instance, kantha throws are all individual but can be grouped into colours. You may select a colour e.g. light blue and we can source a kantha throw in that range.

Gift Availability

We pride ourselves on providing you with the most stylish homewares and furniture selection available. To do this we include seasonal ranges and unique pieces. We don't hold items instock and may have discontinued product lines. Just like all other bridal registries (including department stores) we cannot guarantee stock availability at the time you establish your registry (as the item is not yet bought). We anticipate this to be the case for 5-7% of your gifts. Once your registry is finalised we will inform you if the items will not be available and you will be able to select an alternative gift to equal value.  We don’t let guests know that their gift is unavailable, instead we let you know what they chose to buy and you can thank them for that gift, if you wish to. While this is the same with all our competitors, we want to make sure you are completely comfortable with this.

Lead Times 

Please note due to the handmade nature of some products, ie Mud and Robert Gordon, orders cant be placed until colours are confirmed with the couple. Once colours have been confirmed and items ordred there is an approx 6-8 week lead time. This also applies to some framed art pieces. Your regisrtry consultant will confirm this upon confirmation of deliveries. 

Gift Reshuffle

Unlike other bridal registries, we allow couples to ‘reshuffle’ their gifts once their registry is finalised. For example, if you are short one place setting of your dinnerset you can sacrifice a vase in its place rather than having to go without a full setting or having to pay for the gift yourself! You will only be permitted to sacrifice a small selection of  your gifts as advised by The Wedding Nest at time of your registry closure. Gift Reshuffling only applies to moving the value of one 'The Wedding Nest' gift to another 'The Wedding Nest' gift. It is not permitted to transfer the value of a 'The Wedding Nest' gift to a bride's 'own gift', honeymoon or wishing well fund or redeemed for cash. Gifts must be on your registry to shuffle.


Once you have finalised your registry, you can expect the majority of your gifts delivered within 4 weeks on a The Wedding Nest delivery day. You will need to arrange for someone to be home to accept your delivery. Some gifts may be delivered in a second delivery- especially those that are made to order, or if they are on temporary backorder. Some of our larger statement furniture pieces, may be delivered by an alternate courier company and require you to be home to receive the goods.

You must be home to accept the delivery for a four hour window on the agreed date or you may incur additional charges. If there is a safe place to store your gifts we can have you authorise authority to leave/

Your guests will be charged a standard delivery fee of $11.95 per guest to ensure cover the cost of packing and delivery your gifts – so you don’t have to pay any delivery costs (for Sydney and Metropolitan areas). There may be circumstances where items are delayed and will be placed on backorder. In this instance you will be notified and will receive an additional delivery(ies) when the backordered items become available- which can be up to 6 months post your wedding. The Wedding Nest may, at its discretion, allow you to select alternative gifts from our range instead of waiting for backorders, should you prefer to do so.

We deliver to all areas of Australia. However, areas outside Sydney metropolitan area or larger furniture items will incur additional delivery costs.

Gift Storage

If you are unable to receive your gifts within 8 weeks of your wedding date or finalising your registry (whichever is first) we can store your gifts for an additional monthly charge.


We believe that wrapping individual presents is not necessary as it creates additional waste for you and is not environmentally friendly.


Please let us know (in writing) within 7 days of delivery if items have arrived faulty or damaged and we will provide you with a replacement, exchange, credit or refund (as required under law), with the exception of items bought with third party vouchers.  Please note that exchange items will have a 6-8 week delivery period, subject to availability. If a guest makes a purchase that they wish to get a refund on, this may be requested in writing prior to delivery or within 7 days of the guest receiving their gift and the guest will receive a full refund. 

We suggest opening your gifts right away so that you can check if there is any damage. All care is taken with the packaging but overtime this can start to cause damage to the items. 

Exchanges and Refunds – Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We only select gifts that we would love on our own wedding registry and we are confident you will love them too. However, we appreciate that without being able to touch and feel all your gifts, there may be times when the gift does not meet your expectation. In these circumstances we are more than happy to exchange the gift if you let us know (in writing) within 7 days of delivery. Gifts may not be redeemed for cash. Please note that items you exchange for will be delivered within 6-8 weeks, subject to availability. 


Any credit that you are entitled to under these terms and conditions will be valid for a period of 2 years.

Limitation of Liability

The Wedding Nest will not be liable for any damages, either direct or indirect as a result of your use or in relation to your use of the Wedding Nest services or products. This includes (but is not limited to) any service outages, breaches of security, viruses, accuracy of information provided including (but not limited to) descriptions, dimensions, photos and prices.

We do not provide any warranties on our products or services other than what is required by law.

In the event that The Wedding Nest is considered liable, you agree that liability will be limited to the amount spent with us.

Adding Your Own Gifts

You may have some gifts in mind that we do not offer and cannot source but that you are desperate to have on your registry. You are able to add them to you’re the Wedding Nest registry by providing us with a photo and price for the gift and we will list it on your registry and provide you with the money to purchase it if it is bought by your guests. This is what we call an 'Own Gift'. We add 10% administration card to the gift which we retain. We then provide you with the money to purchase your gift yourself.

We also limit you to 5 additional gifts. Please note that this is an optional service that is provided to assist you in receiving everything you want for your wedding gift so we are not responsible for sourcing the gift. Note that you may not transfer the value of a 'The Wedding Nest' gift to an 'Own Gift'. 

Wishing Well

We offer you a wishing well service for your registry. You can choose to add from a selection of our experiences and images listed. You can also add up to 5 of your own experiences by liaising with one of our consultants. Guests are charged $11.95 added to the price of the gift as an administration charge that we retain, you will therefore receive the listed amount in full. 

Your Use of Our Site

Our website content and design is copyright. Please do not reproduce or copy any part of the site.

You must not use the site in a harmful, abusive, offensive or threatening manner.


If you need to cancel your registry, please let us know in writing. Money for gifts paid for by your guests will be returned to them, subject to the couple paying an administration fee of 10% of the value of the gifts (if the registry has not yet been finalised) or 30% of the value of the gifts (if the registry has been finalised). You can cancel your registry without charge if no gifts have been bought. 


The Wedding Nest uses eWay and St George Bank merchant facilities to ensure your credit card details are secure. All payments are through eWay and are subject to eWay terms and conditions. 

We endeavour to properly credit the images used in this site, however some image owners are quite hard to locate. If we have inadvertently used your image (and btw you have great taste) please let us know and we will take down the image. 

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