Ornamental JuJu Headdress in Mixed Brown

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Product Description: 

Hand crafted in Africa, the striking Juju hat, or 'Bamileke' feather headdress is fashioned by local specialists using traditional techniques. The epitome of global chic; the Bamileke headdress is a symbol of prosperity, freedom and beauty, traditionally worn by royal dancers during ceremonies hosted by the local community Chief. The Juju hats are made of dyed feathers hand stitched into a raffia basket. Whilst beautiful to behold from every angle, it is also functional, ingeniously designed to fold into itself for easy transportation from ceremony to ceremony.

The intense colours of each individual Juju hat are what we fell in love with when we found them- we adore how the shape and textures adds glamour to even the smallest of spaces.

Style Tip: Juju hats look great grouped together, sitting above a fireplace or to brighten up any blank wall.

Care Instructions: Dye does not like direct sunlight. We suggest you avoid placing the headdress in direct sunlight as color will fade. Regular (monthly) dusting or a wipe over with a dry cloth is the best way to keep it looking fab.

SizeL 80-85cm